"We’ve worked with Tanya through 3 real estate transactions and each time it has been a seamless process. Tanya marketed our condo prior to it entering the MLS and we went into escrow in the first day on the MLS and closed within 14 days. Her negotiation skills are remarkable and we couldn’t recommend Tanya more. She’s an outstanding agent. Thank you!"

- Kelly K., Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV


"I interviewed several agents before I kicked off my search and Tanya was my first choice for her connection and knowledge of the area in addition to her good nature and personality. We had a great connection from the start. I ended up buying the first house we saw on a tour of 6 other homes (crazy) but it was just meant to be. Tanya was on it! Every detail was managed and executed on and I felt so confident with her the entire journey. She was my champion for sure and the purchase would not have happened without her."

- Monica D., Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe, NV

"Working with Tanya was refreshing, she quickly learned what we are looking for, was sensitive to our time, and always made us a priority when there was a home we wanted to see. She knows the Incline Village landscape in and out, and her knowledge was something we could rely on. Tanya also referred us to a local lender, who made our process smooth and honest. Highly recommend!"

- Shannon B., Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV

"Detailed and energetic. Outstanding real estate agent who has lived in the Tahoe area for many years. Driven to find the right real estate for her clients." 

- Rushan S., Marietta, GA


"We found Tanya on realtor.com and were nervous initially, simply because we connected through the internet. However, my husband and I couldn't have been more pleased and impressed with this whole process, which was not easy since a 1031 was involved. Thank you, Tanya, for your helpful input and your diligent follow up on all issues. You kept us sane during a stressful time!" 

- Amber B., Roseville, CA 

"Tanya Soule was exceptional from start to finish. Her attention to detail, responsiveness, and professionalism are second to none. She made our home buying experience seamless. I can't recommend Tanya enough." 

- Kelly K., Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV

 "Tanya is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, a wonderful realtor to work with. She has lived in the area for years and can give you great advice and options, and help you and your family with your decisions, whether they be for a permanent home or vacation spot. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering the area!" 

- Lily F., Dublin, CA

"On the ski lift at Diamond Peak my husband pointed toward a row of great-looking townhouses close by and told the lady sitting next to him: 'It would be really nice to live in one of those!' She said: 'I could show you some of those - I am a real estate agent. Here is my card!' Four months later I called her, and the rest is, as they say, history. Tanya is not only an outstanding agent, she is also a great source of literally every information about Incline Village and vicinity. To do business with her is like having a trusted friend: she is with you at every step before, during and after the sale. SIX STARS!" 

- Julia B., San Ramon, CA

"Tanya assisted me in finding a wonderful location that was perfect for my daughter and myself. Her responses were clear and prompt. Her professionalism is unmatched and her efforts have continued with follow ups to make sure that I'm happy and at home. My experience with her has been nothing less than special." 

- Joshua R., Lake Tahoe 

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